Tattooing Minors

We often are asked if we tattoo minors.  Although state law allows us to, we choose not to for many reasons.  The screen shot is of a conversation with a customer regarding our age policy.

Customer: "Why do you not tattoo minors when it's allowed in South Dakota at tattoo shops?  That's why I got my first tattoo for my 16th brithday in Sioux Falls cause it's legal?"

Red Arbor: "We appreciate your question, thank you for asking.

While it is LEGAL, we don't think it's IDEAL.  At the discretion of our shop we chose the policy to benefit the interest of the client. 

Tattooing a minor requires parental consent of the design, not just the event of tattooing.  We've heard of conflicts of design ideas; request of the minor and what's artistically ideal versus what the parental figure allows.

We have also heard of a couple matter via other shops where, example given, a minor with divorced parents brings the consenting parent in, recieves teh tattoo shop.  We respectfully chose to avoid being a catalyst for family drama. 

We are not criticizing shops that chose to tattoo minors-in a lawful manner they are just complying with demand, but in a generalized perspective, any shop can use minors to turn a quick buck from occasionally impulsive tattoo decisions, sometimes made subconsciously just for the experience of getting a tattoo.  We advocate though-out, strong designs that flatter the body, and hold up through aging.  We prioritize art integrity and long term client satisfaction over profit.

We think any individual desiring tattoo art is pretyy damned RAD!  We are honored to be considered to create art for any individual.  We also respect every client enough to opt for waiting to tattoo them over money. 

Your concenpt IS badass!  We'd be privileged work on that with you, but we understand if you do not want to wait.  We hope our explanation is at least repected as well as understandable."



Other considerations are maturity level.  Many peoples interest change rapidly from 16-20.  The body may still be growing which can distort a tattoo quickly.

We believe there are too many variables to ensure our work will hold up over time and our clients be happy with the tattoos for years to come.