Star Wars Clone Trooper Timelapse Tattoo

Here is the newest time lapse of a clone trooper helmet. During the research of this tattoo, found out that there were 2 different helmets used in the original Star Wars Movie.  Some were used for close ups and others were used for the extras.  I ended up getting ahold of one that resembled the stunt style of helmets and used it to take some photos to help catch the subtle shadows that seem to disappear in the movie footage. 

Music was from the band Suffer that the client was in.  This was a last minute idea to record this at our shop, Red Arbor Tattoos in Sioux Falls, SD.  Very happy we did.  A BIG thank you to Bill for his patience while setting everything up for the tattoo and music.  You can find the band's facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SufferSD

Thanks for watching!