About Cory Claussen

Cory Claussen was born in Honolulu, Hawaii into a military family.  His father worked on helicopters while his mother took care of him and his siblings.  Cory was moved to South Dakota after his father left the service to be near family.  “I was very fortunate to have a family that supported and helped nurture my artistic endeavors.”  Cory moved throughout the state until graduating out of the state's capital in 2004.  He joined the National Guard and attended college off and on until picking up an Arts and Science Degree.

Cory is an international tattoo artist that has experience working throughout the country.  With over a decade of experience, he continues to seek growth as an artist.  Cory focuses most of his artistic energy on large scale designs.  For many black and gray projects, he prefers to focus on the duality of life and death while emphasizing an appreciation to the beauty of mortality.  For color projects, he enjoys working on Japanese inspired motifs that tell a story through visual representation.

As an artist, Cory works to take abstract ideas and put them into concrete forms that both the client and artist can share a connection with.  If interested, please contact us through our contact page on the website www.redarbortattoo.com with a brief explanation of what you are interested in.

About Ryan Tieszen

Ryan Tieszen’s artistic background is influenced by childhood inspirations.  He would draw the world around him.  Growing up, the suburbs of South Dakota didn’t meet is expectation of artistic expression.  He spent his youth looking for creative outlets while attempting to conform to mediocrity of the Midwest.  As a young man, he found an outlet in the culinary arts.  Feeling his artistic endeavors were undernourished, he traveled to the east coast.   Deciding that South Dakota is a better place to raise a family, he moved home.  Ryan attended further education and began focusing on becoming an artist.  While selling his art, Ryan Tieszen came across the opportunity for a tattoo apprenticeship in 2011.  He has been tattooing ever since.

Although Sioux Falls is home, he loves to travel both nationally and internationally for tattooing. Traveling is very important to Ryan Tieszen.  “Art can be more than appreciated, it can be experienced.”  He came to Red Arbor to further his opportunities and continue his growth as an artist.

Ryan believes that an artist shouldn’t be limited to one style.  His resolve to master different styles and techniques has influenced his artistic growth.  He is dedicated to providing the best artistic experience possible.  Ryan Tieszen strives to create artistic work that is creative, dynamic, but still refined.  When asked about what inspires him, he states that “Inspiration can come from many sources, but I enjoy working with cultural influences from video games, comics, and movies the most.”   

About Cody Tweedy

Cody Tweedy was born in small town Temple, Texas.  At only five years old his mother moved him to South Dakota.  They bounced around the state until finally settling in the Black Hills. 

Cody was drawn to the arts from an early age.  He was enthralled with genres sci-fi and fantasy such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  He wanted to be able to recreate the ideas that inspired him. He looked up to artists Todd Mcfarlane, Shinichiro Watanabe, Wayne Reynolds, and Mike Mignola.  

While attending high school in Spearfish, Cody Tweedy trained under artist Georgi Streetman.  For years he worked on his artistic skills before taking a hiatus from art.  During this time, he made an attempt at a “normal” life.  While working as a wet sander in a depressing factory, Cody realized that life had more to offer.  “Art gives me freedom,” he stated.  It wasn’t long before he returned to his true calling. 

After his first few tattoos, Cody was hooked.  He reached out to some of the industry’s top talents and asked for advice.  LA Ink’s Corey Miller responded and guided Cody’s decision.  Cody Tweedy followed his advice and began an apprenticeship at Aasylum Tattoo & Piercing. 

His early influence from graphic novels helped set Cody apart from his peers.  He believes that lines can create a sense of depth and flow that compliments his unique color palette.   Some would call his style Neo-traditional, Graphic, or Illustrative.  It’s difficult to define but absolutely stunning.